Mr. LeBlanc

Baton Rouge, LA
Broadmoor Elementary School, Grade 4

My students are a diverse collection of young minds hungry for the opportunity to explore new concepts and master new skills. They attend a public school that has shown academic growth each year under the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP). The socioeconomic backgrounds of my students are as varied as they are. Many live in a rough neighborhood where they are often not allowed to play outside due to fear for their safety. Some live in neighborhoods almost untouched by crime. A few of my students are homeless. Their individual academic achievements range from the student who scored "Advanced" on the latest performance test and reads on a sixth-grade level, to the students who scored "Unsatisfactory" on the latest performance test and read significantly below grade level. Only a handful of my students have had experiences working in cooperative groups to perform experiments, make observations, and report their findings.

Mr. LeBlanc's Project

Since 2009 you've helped us donate more than a million dollars to some very thankful students. Let's make this year even more successful. Spread the word, and the thanks.